Saturday, 19 February 2011

Google Logo for Constantin Brancusi

Very proud to see Google created a special logo showing several art pieces of Constantin Brancusi to mark the moment of the 135th birth anniversary. He was a great Romanian artist born in a village just few kilometers away from Tirgu Jiu city. I am so proud, as this is the city where I also come from and spent my lovely childhood. It is a small city, but still nice, and it worths paying a visit there as you will find several art pieces signed by Constantin Brancusi:
The Endless Column
The Kiss Gate
The Table of Silence
On Wikipedia there are few more details on city of Tirgu Jiu.

The work of Constantin Brancusi was not appreciated by Romania while alive. He moved later and created most of his master pieces in Paris. In his testament he donated many pieces to his country, but the government at that time refused the donation not understanding the real value of his work, while France made him member of French Academy.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Siremis v2.0 released

Almost two weeks ago, Siremis v2.0 was released - this release brings a new look, a major-refactoring of the web interface for easy administration of your Kamailio SIP server v3.1.

Siremis is used also during Kamailio Advanced Training classes for management of the SIP server, a good opportunity to learn about Siremis itself.

Details can be found here. Testing and feedback is much appreciated!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Linux Tag - Berlin 2010

Before leaving for summer vacations, we had a serie of Kamailio SIP Router Events. If you missed the chance to be present, you can find few insights by browsing the project web page.

The annual devel meeting took place on June 8, 2010 - this time hosted by Fokus Fraunhofer Research Institute in Berlin, Germany - was a good opportunity for users and new developers to join the core developers and get into open debates. Click for detailed meeting minutes

Just after Devel Meeting, Kamailio had a presentation booth at Linux Tag 2010. Four days in a row open source community fans were able to meet and discuss with many of the project core developers about the current and future status of the project. Many visitors were surprised to find out that Kamailio is the SIP server enabling their every day calls, as clients of 1&1.

The event was powered by Kamailio Project, 1&1 and ASIPTO.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Back home from UC Expo 2010, London, UK

This week was the "London" week!

It started with Present and Future of SIP Routing hosted by Kamailio Project at SUN Microsystems premises in London.

SIP Router project
is the common framework for development of SER and Kamailio (former OpenSER), hosting the unique source code. With lots of enhancements, some of those inherited through the two projects integration and other enhancements developed during the last year, Kamailio 3.0 - released January 2010 - pleasantly surprised many members from the users community by the great outcome of the unforking process.

A strong development team couldn't lead to anything else than to an outstanding unforked release of the best SIP server since 2001.

Kamailio 3.o brings a boost in features, a listing of them can be found at:

UC Expo 2010, March 10-11 at Olympia in London, proved to be a good meeting point for UK companies around VoIP, telecommunications and not only. UK is known as one of the leading markets for innovations in communications, VoIP and gadgets.

Monday, 18 January 2010

SIREMIS v1.0.0 released

A new major release of Siremis is available as v1.0.0. And of course it is ready to work with latest Kamailio(former OpenSER) 3.0 and

Siremis enables straightforward management of subscriber profiles, least cost routing and load balancing rules, communication at runtime with the SIP server, displays monitoring charts.

This is what you will find new:
  • presence service management – watchers, active watchers and presentity
  • sip trace view – access sip_trace module records, highlight headers and group by call-id
  • user location statistics charts – online user agents, supported SIP methods, contacts and nat related charts
  • update of the core components to latest stable versions
  • update to work with latest Kamailio (OpenSER) v3.0.0
  • patch to work with older Kamailio (OpenSER) v1.5.x
  • time-based X-axis for charts print labels as HH:MM
  • charts types supported: line, line dot and area
Link to release announcement

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Kamailio awarded Best of Open Source Networking Software 2009

It is officially: InfoWorlds'2009 Bossies has awarded Kamailio project within The Best of Open Source Networking Software 2009.

It is an honor for the project, its developers and its user community. A great team work!

Time to look a bit at the past. My first contribution started with xlog module back in 2003 when everyone was working for SIP Express Router (SER). In 2005 I co-founded OpenSER (renamed July 2008 to Kamailio). Today, the development of Kamailio is tied with SIP Router project, continuing the goals of delivering rock solid, performant and flexible SIP server.

Monday, 27 July 2009

SIREMIS v0.9.3 released

A new release of SIREMIS - the web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER) and - is available for download today.

What brings new this release? Just the mainlines here:
  • Communication with and SIP Express Router (SER) via XMLRPC
  • Communication with FreeSwitch via event socket
  • Support to print rich html formatting of MI, XMLRPC and FreeSwitch command response
  • Stand-alone PHP classes for MI, XMLRPC and FS Event Socket, making further development easier
  • Updated PHPOpenBiz core
  • More sortable fields
  • More quick references between tables
  • Auto-suggested values for group field on adding new records

Here you find quickly accessible screenshots:

Also very handy is the online demo of SIREMIS available at: